Current Provider Information

Direction Home Akron Canton is always here to support our current providers in any way we can. Below you will find some useful information, and you can also view our MyCare and Title III Provider pages for more updates.

Structural Compliance Reviews

Certified PASSPORT and Assisted Living Waiver providers are required by ODA to undergo an annual Structural Compliance Review (SCR). Direction Home Akron Canton has the authority to visit your office or facility unannounced and conduct SCRs. Generally, we send out notices of the times and dates of upcoming visits.

As a certified provider, you are obligated to undergo an SCR regardless of whether or not you’re currently serving any waiver consumers. During this visit, a Quality Improvement (QI) staff member will review your agency's policies, procedures, personnel records, patient/client/resident records, and any other relevant documentation to verify your compliance. We must review a minimum of 10 percent of consumer records. Direction Home Akron Canton has the authority to review all records relevant to participation in the waiver programs. SCR visits typically take 2-4 hours. Please contact the appropriate QI staff member with any questions (see below).

Application for Expansion

If you already have a PASSPORT contract with Direction Home Akron Canton and wish to add additional services or counties to your existing contract, you must complete the application for expansion.

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Your Contacts: Planning and Quality Improvement

If you need to contact a Direction Home Akron Canton staff member in regard to your review or other matter, please see the list below: